I feel that in my industry that you can know everything but also you can not. I feel this way because you can know everything about cars but technology is always changing so you constantly have to learn more and more. For example I know that this is true because I know a lot about cars but we always have to hook cars up to the computer and see what the real problems are and not go off of a hunch. for this reason I feel that there is sometimes an endpoint to your learning every now and then because i can change oil thats never going to change.
In my experience at the garage I eat and drink a lot and so do the other guys. everyday I go to dunkin and get three coffee's and sometimes bacon egg and cheeses but always coffee. I also drink a lot of juice or soda. but I do see a lot of other mechanics drink beer while they work on there own car I don't know why maybe the just like it and thats what they want to drink but normally when at my shop we drink coffee not beer haha buy 
If my industry did not exist then there would be no cars or any way of motor vehicle transportation. What I mean by this is that if there were no mechanics in the world who would build the engine and transmissions for cars, motor cycles, trains, air planes all of theses components have engines and they need mechanics who know how to fix them and maintain them whenever something goes wrong. If there where no mechanics in the world then everybody would be walking or riding bicycles everywhere. Now this would be good for the environment but we need to be realistic how about people that travel for work do we expect them to walk across the country just for a job no they should be able to take a plane but without the right mechanic there would be no such things as planes or anything that involves a motor, engine, or transmission. Without mechanics everybody would be walking or biking everywhere.

At my job there are many people coming and going but there are two main people who inspire me when I am working. the first person who inspires me is the cashier Johnny. Johnny's title is a gas station attendant but thats not all he is, He owns property that he rent out, he has his own house that he doesn't have to pay for because his tenants pay rent which pays his mortgage, and he also flips cars meaning he buys and sells them. Johnny inspires me because he has told me about his life and how he had to grow up at such a young age but now look at him he is a successful man with a couple of houses and two kids. He is not just a gas station attendant he only does it to stay busy and he is also always helping out in any way he can around the shop. The other person at my site who inspires me is Bobby the mechanic. Bobby inspires me in a different way then Johnny does. What I mean by this is Bobby never gives up once he starts working on something. on a lot of cars there are bolts that wont come out no matter what you do but Booby can always figure out how to fix it or get the bolt out. At work when Bobby does a job really fast or is having trouble with a piece or something we call him an animal because he never stops trying until he gets the result he want. both of theses people at my site inspire me just in different ways.
There is definitely a fine line between work and play but you need to be able to have fun at your job and like what you are doing otherwise why do it, you cant go to a job you hate its not worth it. In my industry there is plenty of time for play but also time for work. Within my industry you can do a lot to have fun. All you have to do is be able to have fun with your co workers and it will make your job a lot better. Where I work I am always having fun with the guys down there, Weather it be making fun of each other or playing games but normally we just make fun of each other but none of us take it seriously. There will always be time for work but you need to make time to play and especially in my industry you have to be able to have fun because sometime what you are working on does not always go the way you plan it and it can get very frustrating if you can not 
I first got interested In the automotive industry when I was 11 years old. When I was 11 me and my dad made a deal, The deal was however much money I had when I was ready to buy a car he would match. This deal got me interested in cars because I knew if I worked hard some day I could have a nice one. A couple months after this deal was made I started watching the mecum auto auction which is the biggest American muscle car auction in American. I also started searching Craigslist and carsonline.com which is the biggest site for classic cars. Along with looking at what I could eventually have I knew I needed one thing and that was money. Now I was 11 looking to buy a car so I needed to come up with a way to make some so I decided to go around the neighborhood and ask my neighbors if they would like me to take in their barrels every single Monday for $2 a house. I ended up getting seven people to agree to this so I was making and saving $14 a week for 52 weeks, that equals $350 a year and I was 11 so I didn't spend any of it and also I was able to get my 7 customers to agree to let me shovel for them so they gave me a lot more money during the big snow storms. I was able to keep this up for 3 years until I was 14. Once I turned 14 I got a job at Kens Flowers down the street from my house and was able to make a lot of money and I was able to save a lot as well. Throughout all this I never stop learning as much as I could about cars. But it wasn't until I actually bought my 1991 Camaro z28 that I figured out I had to learn to fix it myself and that was a career path I want to take. I found out that I needed to learn to fix myself because I had spent a lot of money on the car itself. I knew I needed to learn to fix my own car so I took the automotive program in school and I started reading a lot about my personal car online and what I can do in certain situations and what needed to be done. At this point I knew that I wanted to be a mechanic but not only a mechanic I want to own my own garage and be the boss. I want to know everything I can but have other people doing the work for me well I make the big bucks. My dad was the one who really got me interested in cars if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't be doing this program, I probably wouldn't have the car I have now, I probably wouldn't have learned the value of a dollar, and I probably would have the work ethic I have today.
in the automotive industry the main goals customer satisfaction and profit. customer satisfaction is a big one because if the customer is not satisfied with the work you did chances are he or she will go find another mechanic that they are satisfied with. Profit is also a big part because if you are not making a decant profit then you won't be able to find or be able to pay a good mechanic there for there industry would suffer because they will have a bad mechanic or no mechanic and you will eventually bank ripped because you are not bringing in any money. i know that these are the two main goals because i have been watching the head mechanic and the way he talks to the customer. he always refers to them as sir or mam. i also know that profit is a big part because while we are working on cars we are always looking to see if there is anything wrong with their car so that we can do the work while it is already there therefore we make the money on the other job as well.

Within my first week of doing my internship at the Mobil gas station in Auburndale ma. I have learned and worked on dozens of cars already. I have mostly been doing oil changes and filling fluids but I have also done brake jobs and the most complicated thing I have done is change a thermostat. The thermostat was the toughest job for me because I have never done one before and I was working on a pretty old truck so the nuts and bolts where very tight due to rust and corrosion.